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Auto Accident Injury Treatment With Atlas Family Chiropractic Center In Towson And Columbia, MD

The environment at Atlas Family Chiropractic Center is one of healing and restoration. For patients who have sustained an auto accident injury, this type of calming surrounding is essential, since car accidents can be physical, mentally, and financially stressful. 

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Man With Neck Injury After Auto Accident

Common Types of Auto Accident Injuries

Whether you were in a major auto accident or a just a minor fender bender, it's important to be aware of your body's response following the trauma. Many auto accident injuries don't show up for weeks or months after the initial event because fight or flight hormones (which can mask pain) are still at higher than normal levels. This is why it's so important to consult with a chiropractor ASAP following a car crash of any size! Our chiropractor can detect hidden signs of injury or inflammation and address these right away to minimize your dysfunction and maximize your outcomes. 

The following conditions are a few of the most common types of auto accident injuries evaluated at our clinics in central Maryland:

  • Headaches and migraines: pain in the head, which can range from mild to severe and feel dull or throbbing, often occur following an auto accident due to concussion or post-concussive issues (which can happen if the brain is jarred around within the skull). Headaches may also occur as related to whiplash, the next syndrome discussed.
  • Whiplash: this syndrome has primary symptoms of neck pain, neck stiffness, shoulder pain and stiffness, headaches, insomnia, mental fogginess, ringing in the ears, and arm numbness. As its name implies, whiplash occurs when the neck rapidly snaps forward and backward due to sudden impact, deceleration, or change of direction. 
  • Shoulder injury: seat belts save lives, but the presence of a restraint can lead to strain and shearing at the shoulder. This may result in hematomas, rotator cuff strains, ligament sprains, brachial nerve damage, and even shoulder joint dislocations.

Back pain, hip pain, and knee pain are also common.

How Chiropractic Care Can Manage and Treat Auto Accident Injury

Our services are completely drug-free and non-invasive. We can heal your acute symptoms of auto accident injury and reduce your risk of chronic complications by addressing underlying inflammation and exacerbating factors such as postural imbalances and poor posture. Your auto accident injury treatment may include:

  • Adjustments
  • Massage therapy
  • Corrective exercises

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