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Conditions Treated at Your Atlas Family Chiropractic Center in Towson and Columbia

An injury doesn't have to be severe to have a lasting impact on your life. Any sort of musculoskeletal pain can affect how well you move about and how easy it is for you to sleep and concentrate. If you're in the Columbia or Towson areas and have been injured, chiropractic treatment at Atlas Family Chiropractic Center may be a viable path to feeling better.

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Treat Pain Stemming From Several Issues

A chiropractor can help you with most conditions that affect your skeleton, joints, and muscles. Standard chiropractic adjustments, which have been refined and are now much more comfortable and safe, help with pain from many conditions including sports injuries, back problems like herniated discs, sciatica, headaches -- including those dreaded migraines -- and even arthritis.

You've likely heard of adjustment -- physical manipulation where the chiropractor suddenly moves a joint or part of your spine. There is also chiropractic massage, which helps relax your body so that manipulation isn't as jolting. This type of massage both relaxes your muscles to loosen you up and it relaxes your mind and could help you with additional conditions like blood pressure and stress. 

Atlas also offers standard massage therapy. Tense muscles alone can contribute to pain and prolonged healing times. By undergoing massage -- just the standard kneading-type massage -- you can release that tension. Without the constant pressure from tense muscles on your joints and other tissue, your pain level could drop. These effects can be short-term at first, but with repeated treatment, you could see a lot of tension and thus pain become much less of a problem.

In addition to standard manipulation and physical massage, chiropractic treatments include exercises to help correct how you move, as well as lifestyle advice such as nutritional counseling and general wellness advice. The goal is to make your life as supportive and caring as possible so that your body recovers quickly and can function at its best.

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Atlas Family Chiropractic Center has two locations in Columbia (410) 290-8100 and Towson (410) 296-7030. Contact us to arrange to see a chiropractor to discuss your situation and see if your condition would benefit from standard chiropractic treatment, massage, or another related service. You can overcome pain and tension, so don't wait to speak to one of our doctors.

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