Like many patients that have come to our office, you may have been told that your condition cannot be improved or is too advanced to be helped. However, we are happy to share with you that you do not have to live with this forever. Our success rate with our groundbreaking treatment is very high and has been shown to improve neuropathy related pain and conditions.

If you are searching the internet for treatments for this condition or you are suffering from symptoms that you are concerned could be occurring as a result of this condition. Don’t let another day pass without coming in to see what we have to offer. Our doctor, Dr. Mahoney would love the opportunity to meet you, discuss your condition and get you on a path to improvement and recovery.

Unfortunately, many suffer from the symptoms of neuropathy and don’t get an accurate diagnosis until the symptoms have progressed to the point of being severe. Your condition likely started as “a little tingle” then got more persistent, and overtime progressed to pain, burning, or numbness. It’s not an easy diagnosis to make for most doctors as it is usually accompanied by other underlying diseases, symptoms or issues. Dr. Mahoney is very experienced in diagnosing and treating successfully those suffering with neuropathy. To sign up for a fee seminar or to schedule a consultation at our office call 410-290-8100.

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