Pinched Nerves


When most people use the term “pinched nerve” they are referring to a sensation in the spine. However, nerves can be compressed or pinched pretty much anywhere in the body. In all cases, treatment from a chiropractor is often helpful in relieving pain and other symptoms. Here’s what you need to know about pinched nerves, courtesy of Atlas Family Chiropractic Center, with offices in Towson and Columbia, MD.

Pinched Nerves

The Nervous System and Pinched Nerves

The major nerves in your body exit from the spinal cord and travel the full length of your extremities. Messages passing up and down those nerves to your brain transmit information about position, movement, and sensations, such as heat, cold and pain. If pressure is placed on the nerve, it interferes with those messages. In many cases, the actual problem occurs in the spine, but symptoms may occur in the extremities. You may develop pain or sensations like pins and needles. Some people describe the feelings as burning, shooting, or stabbing. If the pressure goes on long enough, it may lead to weakness and loss of flexibility.

Causes of Pinched Nerves

Since a pinched nerve can occur anywhere in the body, this condition can have multiple causes. An injury, especially in the case of a broken bone, may be the root cause. In the spine, one likely cause is a misalignment of one or more vertebrae. Another is a ruptured or herniated disc. The discs are thick cushions of spongy cartilage that cushion the spine. They can break open or bulge into the spinal canal and put pressure on the spinal cord. Nerves in the wrist and elbow can also become compressed like carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome. These may result from repetitive motion. The pressure on the nerve results in irritation and inflammation as well as pain.

Treating Pinched Nerves

While you can take medication, either prescription or over the counter, to relieve pain from a pinched nerve, this doesn’t address the root cause. The pressure on the nerve is the real culprit. A spinal or other joint adjustment can restore proper alignment and relieve the pressure on the nerve. Our chiropractor may also use other supportive treatments, such as heat, cold, or passive stretching. You may need to decrease inflammatory foods in your diet. Corrective exercises help ensure your body is balanced, flexible, and strong.

If you suffer from any symptoms of a pinched nerve, as well as chronic pain, or other musculoskeletal issues, please contact Atlas Family Chiropractic Center at 410-290-8100 for Columbia center and 410-296-7030 for Towson center. Don’t let pinched nerves cramp your style. With offices to serve you in both Towson and Columbia, we can help relieve your pain and get you back to your busy life.

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