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Has one of your legs started making your life miserable? Mysterious leg, buttock, and/or foot pain and functional impairment may be the work of spinal structures pressing against some part of your sciatic nerve tissue. The collection of symptoms commonly known as sciatica can make even the simple act of sitting feel like torture. If you wish both of your legs could behave normally again, your first call should be to Atlas Family Chiropractic Center. Our clinic can provide powerful yet safe sciatica pain relief.

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Where Does It Hurt? Sciatica Symptoms and Their Causes

Sciatica usually occurs in one leg or the other, although sometimes both extremities may be affected. Each leg conducts all of its nerve signals through its sciatic nerve, which branches out into various subsidiary nerves. When these communications are interrupted through some kind of compression, the resulting symptoms include:

  • Weakness or loss of control in leg or foot muscles
  • Sharp pain running down the leg, especially when you sit, cough or sneeze
  • Buttock, foot, or low back pain
  • "Electric" or tingling sensations
  • Numbness in some part of the extremity
  • Incontinence (a sign that you need immediate emergency care)

While nerve damage or muscle spasms in the leg or buttock can sometimes compress the sciatic nerve itself, sciatica is more frequently the product of compression of the nerve roots that anchor the sciatic nerve to the spinal cord. These lumbar nerve roots are surrounded by neighboring discs and bony structures, making them extremely vulnerable to compression. Bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, acute subluxation, and other conditions can easily put the pinch on one or more nerve roots. This is especially true if you're overweight, pregnant, or suffering from weak back muscles.

Our Columbia and Towson Chiropractor Can Ease Sciatic Nerve Compression

Bring that debilitating case of sciatica to Atlas Family Chiropractic Center. Our Columbia and Towson chiropractor, Dr. Mahoney, can administer X-rays and study your symptoms to trace your problem quite literally to its roots. Chiropractic adjustments may be recommended to shift a disc or vertebra that's applying pressure to a sciatic nerve root. If your impingement is caused by tight muscle tissue, massage therapy can help relieve the spasms that press against the sciatic nerve. You may also benefit from nutritional counseling, lifestyle changes, and corrective exercises to help you achieve a healthier alignment, posture, and weight.

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