Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment from Our Towson and Columbia Chiropractor

Shoulder pain can rob you of the use of one of your upper extremities. At the very least, it may place severe limits on your everyday function. Here at Atlas Family Chiropractic Center, our Towson and Columbia chiropractor can come to the rescue with a variety of non-invasive shoulder pain treatment techniques.

Shoulder Pain Treatment from Our Towson and Columbia Chiropractor

Common Shoulder Pain Causes

Why is your shoulder bothering you? Some of the more common causes of shoulder pain include:

    • Dislocated shoulder - An acute injury in which the ball of the joint has popped out of the socket
    • Bursitis - Inflammation of the shoulder bursae that prevent friction between tissues
    • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), pain and stiffness which follow a period of shoulder restriction or non-use
    • Rotator cuff injury - Damage to the set of muscles and tendons that articulate the shoulder
    • Sprains and strains - Stretched or ruptured shoulder ligaments, muscles, or tendons
    • Tendinitis - Progressive pain and inflammation of the tendons, typically caused by overuse of the shoulder
    • Arthritis - Chronic pain caused by degeneration of cartilage within the shoulder joint

Some cases of shoulder pain may be accompanied by neck pain. This is often true when cervical spinal nerves or nerve roots have become pinched, creating neck pain while also referring pain to the shoulder and arm. In these situations, it may be your cervical spine and not your neck which requires attention.

How Our Chiropractor Addresses Shoulder Pain

Our chiropractor at Atlas Family Chiropractic Center, Dr. Mahoney, can help you understand your shoulder pain and provide you with natural, non-surgical answers for it. We can X-ray your shoulder, analyze your range of motion, and discuss your symptoms to zero in on the cause of your shoulder pain. You may need chiropractic adjustments to correct the alignment of the joint's components, or you may benefit from cervical spinal adjustments that relieve both your shoulder pain and your neck pain. If your muscles or connective tissues are the source of the pain, we may recommend massage therapy to relieve inflammation, break up stiffness, and help injured tissues heal. Corrective exercises may also be prescribed to help you increase your shoulder flexibility and strength. We will combine whatever techniques are necessary into a holistic treatment program that suits your individual situation. 

Take the First Step Forward to Shoulder Pain Relief

Atlas Family Chiropractic Center looks forward to serving as your source for shoulder pain relief in Towson and Columbia. Call (PHONE) today to schedule an appointment, and take the first step toward feeling better!

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